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Check status before lesson time
if conditions are questionable


Door-to-Door Road Lesson Service in :

Salem, Marblehead, Swampscott
& parts of Beverly, Peabody, Lynn


Classroom / Office Location:

10 Rear Jefferson Ave., Salem, MA 01970

Which would you rather do? 

Just read this cool parent guide... 

(and it really is pretty great!) 


Learn to drive from one of the creators of this book?

We hoped you'd say that! 

StreetSmart owner Kim Ayers encourages you to be proactive in choosing a driving school.

Ask questions.

Call schools, talk to friends/former students.

Be smart.


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Are YOU StreetSmart? 

Take our sample permit test and find out!


We monitor our competitors pricing on a regular basis to ensure that we offer a competitive rate. 
*Remember that "cheaper" doesn't always mean "easier, faster or better!"


Class is more fun with friends, so get a group together and be eligible for free road test sponsorship! 
*Ask your classroom teacher for details!


We offer door to door (home, school, work) in all towns that we service.


Ask your friends about their experience at the driving school they attended, whether at StreetSmart or elsewhere.

We are passionate about traffic safety, teens in general, and insist on keeping the bar high. 

*Teen safety is not
taken lightly*

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We have never and will never cut corners.

No personal errands are run during your road lesson

Business is conducted from our office, not the instructor's seat

All revenue is reported to the IRS according to law 

Come to our next parent session for all the information you need.  

This free session will fulfill your state requirement 
No matter which school you choose!

Take our Sample 

Permit Test 

to see if you are "StreetSmart"!



Classroom sessions listed on
"class schedule" page


10 rear Jefferson Ave.,
Salem, MA 01970


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