Full RMV Certificate Program

Price guaranteed for 6 months without increase from date of registration, with exception & apology of gas surcharge if price per gallon exceeds $4.

Once classroom session has begun, no refund of classroom payment will be made and full payment for classroom portion will be due, despite student's attendance status.

Package pricing is honored for students who are enrolling to complete both the classroom and behind the wheel portion of the RMV driver education course.

Package Price for new registrations received and /or road lessons held after March 31st, 2016.
Classroom: $210
12 Road lessons: $42 per 1 hour lesson
6 Observation lessons: $0
2 hour mandated Parent Class: $0
Fee for RMV issued "certificate of completion" due at end or program $20
Full RMV Certificate Program includes items listed above.
Please submit $105 with new classroom registration, balance due at start of class session. 
A La Carte:
Classroom: $275 (if not purchasing full RMV certificate program with our school)
All other prices are as indicated above
Payment guidelines:
Adult lessons: Pay first driving lesson in advance. 
Classroom deposit of $105 due at registration; balance due 1st day of class 

Road lessons can be paid in full or simply 'pay as you go". 
You may pay for lessons online or pay instructor at time of road lesson. 
Lessons must be paid for at or before time of lesson. 
We reserve the right to cancel lessons for students whose accounts become delinquent.
CLASSROOM: If minimum enrollment of 6 students is not reached, classroom session may be postponed.
Package price is for those purchasing both classroom and road lessons as part of RMV certificate program. 

***Payments are due on date service is rendered. Finance charge of 10% may be assessed on payments that are over 7 days past due.***